Music Releases

Here are Dirk Edelhoff’s releases, both of his own projects and as a guitarist in various other bands and productions.

Dirk Edelhoff „The Years 2019-2023“
Release Date 4/7/2024

Dirk Edelhoff "The Years 2019-2023

Dirk Edelhoff „Different Colors Remastered 2024“
Release Date 3/25/2024

Dirk Edelhoff "Different Colors Remastered 2024

Jambo-X Release Date 10/23/2023

Jambo-X "Roll It Up"

Jens Dressmann „Menu a la Carte“
Release Date 9/12/2023

„Gospel to Go“ Release Date  5/25/2022

GoMusic „25th Anniversary“
Release Date 5/16/2021

„Salsa City 21“ Release Date 6/16/2021
featuring Dirk Brand on Drums.

„Swamp Beat 2021“ Release Date 1/29/2021

Swamp Beat 2021 by Dirk Edelhoff

„The Strat Blue Heaven“  Release Date 12/25/2020

The Strat Blue Heaven by Dirk Edelhoff

„Second Season of Different Colors“ Release Date 5/28/2020

Second Season of Different Colors by Dirk Edelhoff
Der tiefe Raum (Frank Tischer) 2019

„MOAI“ Enrique Plazaola Release 2017

MOAI Enrique Plazaola

Chris Kramer „Kramer Kommt!“ 2012

QSSDT „Realm Of Waters“ Release Date 9/8/2012

„Different Colors“ Release Date 5/1/2012

Chris Kramer „…unterwegs“ und 2009

Chris Kramer „Komm mit“ 2008

NachMeters Demo 2006

„Rock Groove and the World“ Release Date 1/1/2006

Lady Umbrella & Mr. E. (Rock 1992)

Tony Osanah „Viaje de Vida“ Release 1994

Original Buam „Die dunkle Seite der Alm“  1990

The Scrap Yard „Stop“ Release 1990

The Scrap Yard "Stop"

  • Bass – Ralph Schmitter
  • Drums – Stefan Albrecht
  • Guitar – Achim Güss*, Dirk Edelhof*
  • Recorded By, Mixed By – Markus Kerner
  • Vocals – Johannes Giesen

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