„Second Season of Different Colors“

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Die neue EP von Dirk Edelhoff
Pre Sale 2020

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Dirk Edelhoff is a one man band because not only are all guitars played on this single performed by him so are the bass, keys, and drums and this shows what kind of talent he has to offer.
Edelhoff is also genuine about his sound on each instrument as each one has a solid Rock clarity. All songs has an irresistible melody and a vibrant and catchy beat that flows with a magnetic style. After listening to this songs you will want to hear more from this talented guitar player.

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming – Dirk Edelhoff.


1Geared Up To Start4:32
2Street Groove Walking4:07
3Corona Special 20203:43
4J. At Work (Remastered)4:00
5The Q (Remastered 2020)4:07