CD „Different Colors“

Review „Different Colors“ by: Heath Andrews (USA)

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Dirk Edelhoff, has been teaching advanced guitar techniques in Germany for quite some time now. Outside of that teaching he’s competed and won in music festivals and continued to hone his craft, turning himself into an incredibly versatile musician. All those years of teaching and performance are channeled into his album, Different Colors. In nine tracks, Edelhoff is able to show just how stunning a guitarist he is, while simultaneously constructing an instrumental album that is as fun to listen to as it is technically impressive.
There’s a lot to enjoy in the guitar playing of Dirk Edelhoff, his ability and talent is unquestionable, as is his versatility. By demonstrating his craft across multiple different musical styles, Edelhoff makes Different Colors an enjoyable album to listen to as a whole. He also displays his years of experience as a performer and teacher by making every note mean something to the song they’re played in. Music and guitar enthusiasts will be thrilled by this collection of consistently played gems, and even casual music fans will be able to appreciate the talent that has been poured into this record.

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